Paul Marciano was a Moroccan born American fashion designer, business man, investor and also philanthropist. He again was the founder of Guess. His black and white advertisements which were famous then won several Clio awards. Initially, the Guess initiative was run by four Marciano brothers who were Paul, Armand, Maurice and Georges where they operated the business and were the real partners of that business by then. Paul Marciano was born in the year nineteen fifty-two in a town called Debdou which is in Morocco and he was born in a Jewish family and was later raised in Marseilles which is in France with his four siblings who were Armand, Georges, Maurice, and Jacqueline. His father, grandfather and also great-grandfather were rabbis. They lived in an apartment which was in synagogue complex. At the age of fifteen years, Paul and his friend were involved in motorcycle accident and they were told that due to that accident they could never walk again and due to this Paul spent seven months in the wheelchair and he later regained his use of his limbs  after one and half years and this made him not to be re- accepted  into school again due to his prolonged absence. Unable to finish his education,  he traveled to Israel to live in Kibbutz. Paul later worked in his family clothing company which was called MGA which stood for Maurice, Georges, and Armand where they had shops in French Riviera. 

In the early nineteen eights the brothers started the world famous clothing company which was known as Guess, and in nineteen eight one,  the same brothers founded guess jeans. Paul Marciano thus first handled advertising and also public relations and due to his great performance and great job later was made the president and as well the chief operating officer  of that famous Guess company in the year nineteen ninety three.  In the year two thousand and four, Paul and Maurice Marciano together had the highest number of shares in the family business and they really owned seventy percent of the mega forty-four million shares of the company. In the year two thousand and fifteen, Paul Marciano stepped down as the chief executive officer of the Guess company and later became the executive chairman and this made him remain the Guess chief creative officer. Paul Marciano resigned as the executive chairman of that company in  June twenty eighteen and this was due to allegations of sexual harassment involving supermodel Kate Upton and also other multiple unnamed individuals. See more in the Paul Marciano Youtube Channel.

The Life of Paul Marciano