Paul Marciano, the co-founder of Guess was born in Debdou, Morocco in 1952. He was raised by a Jewish family in Marseilles, France together with his 4 siblings namely Jacqueline, Maurice, Armand, and Georges.

At the age of 15, Paul and his friend were involved in motor accident. He was told that he could never walk again. Because of that, he spent more than 6 months sitting on a wheelchair. However, through time, he regained the strength of his limbs but was never accepted to his school due to his long absence. He was not able to finish his education and just decided to move to Israel.

At the age of 17, he went back to Marseilles and began working as salesman in a certain jeans stores. During the weekend, he was working in a club that checks coats together with his brothers.

During this time, Georges, the brother of Paul began designing ties. Maurice began working with him by manufacturing those ties and Paul would be the one who is selling the designs around Paris. Paul is good in selling, he always sells his brother's ties. From ties, it led to women's blouses. One size, one style, and one color - all were white.

Their success has led them to open their own company namely MGA. MGA means Maurice, Georges and Armand. They established their first store in Bandol in 1973, just on the side of the street.

They still continue to make blouses and began to manufacture dresses already. Just like the blouses, the dresses are of one style, one size, various fabrics, and various prints. Then, they began to manufacture pants and later on, jeans. They began to sell the stonewashed jeans in 1976 while they already have 20 stores.

On 1977, Paul and his brothers went to Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles where they stayed for more than a month. Prior leaving the place, they purchased a condominium and signed various leaes for 2 stores. 3 week after, Georges went back and stay in LA with Maurice. Another 2 years later, they wrapped up their store in France, Paul and Armand arrive. The Guess began in December 1981 by Maurice and Georges first. Meanwhile, Paul and Armand were still managing the store operations of MGA that had already 4 stores in the United States. After several months, they joined the Guess.
Guess was derived from Georges while all his brothers were doing their best to work as one. Read the Paul Marciano Biography here!

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